>2011 – 2014 UMJCA Sisterhood Election Results


We are pleased to announce the 2011 – 2014 UMJCA Sisterhood Election Results in Alphabetical order:

Rozita Basalaly
Dalia Hakimian (Asher)
Monica Hakimian (Livian)
Nataly Hakimian (Nadri)
Shirin Kamali
Raya Karmily
Dina Aghabibi Khordi (Hakimian)
Monica Livian (Hadjibay)
Sandy Mordekhai (Ghassabian)
Siporah Nassimi
Janet Navaei Livian
Neda Rahmanan
Shirin Rahmani (Hezghia)
Esther Zar (Gorjian)
Mahtab Zar (Kohanim)

The number of votes will be released within 7 days per the UMJCA bylaws.
421 Men Vote for Sisterhood
Posted – Mon Nov 21 12:31pm
421 Men have cast votes for the Sisterhood Election, not counting the absentee ballots!

Supervisory Council – UMJCA

689 Women Vote

Posted – Mon Nov 21 11:30am

Not counting the absentee ballots, 689 women have voted for the Sisterhood Election forming the majority of the vote.   Stay tuned!
Final Referendum Results – Amendment Approved with 76.6%

Posted – Mon Nov 21 10:07am

With 1,169 votes cast, including 45 absentee ballots, 896 voters comprising of 76.6% of the total vote approved an amendment to the UMJCA by laws allowing men to vote for the Sisterhood Election.  There were 249 no votes and 24 abstentions.     We will now be counting all votes cast for the Sisterhood Election.   Stay tuned!

Referendum Passes
Posted – Mon Nov 21 9:05am
Initial results show that the referendum to give men the right to vote in the Sisterhood elections has passed.