2014 Synagogue Elections Report

2014 – 2016 Shaare Shalom Board Results

A total of 712 people voted for Shaare Shalom, of which 35 where via absentee ballots.  21 of the votes were disqualified.

The following are the results of the 2014 Shaare Shalom Board Elections in alphabetical order with the number of votes received by each candidate:

Aminoff Ephraim 448
Bakhshi Naim 425
Ben-Haim Besalel 414
Hakimian Bijan 384
Hakimian Khosrow 380
Hezghia David 543
Kordvani David 406

The following are the alternate members of the 2014 Shaare Shalom Board:

Kohan Amir 332
Hakimian Saeed 318
Ebrani Marlon 204

2014-2016 YMJC – Ohr Esther Election

For the 2014 election of Ohr Esther, there were 646 votes cast, of which 34 were via absentee ballots. 6 votes were disqualified.

The following are the results of the 2014 -2016 YMJC – Ohr Esther Board elections in alphabetical order, with the number of votes received:

Aziz Tony 449
Etessami Oliver 382
Hadjibay Marco 356
Kalaty Kami 515
Kashi Leon 355
Koren Daniel 392
Levian Andy 475
Nassimi Daniel 282
Zar David 286

The following are the alternate members of the 2014 – 2016 YMJC – Ohr Esther Board:

Kashimallak Joseph 279
Nabavian Benjamin 274
Hakimian Afshin 220

Transitional Meeting of the Boards 

The Supervisory Council of the UMJCA will be holding a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming and alternate board members of the Central Board, Shaare Tova Board, Shaare Shalom Board, YMJC Ohr Esther Board and Shaare Rachamim temporary management committee in order to have an orderly transition.

The meeting will take place tomorrow night, Tuesday February 25th, 2014 at Shaare Shalom.

Election Day

The election proved to be another testament to the unity of our community.  Over 800 community members participated in the genetic testing conducted by Dr. Gideon Akler which aims to unlock our community’s genetic code.   Our bar and bat mitzvah kids raised $9,000 for their Israel chesed project on this day, and the friends of Israel Bonds sold $5,000 in olive oils and other Israeli products to benefit Israel charities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing candidates for the various boards and wish them well.   We also would like to thank our wonderful community members who showed their support for our democratic system of elections for our boards.  The Supervisory Council would also like to thank those members who spent many hours assisting with the process of tallying the counts.