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Rabbi Barak Levy Lectures

Lecture 1 – “Not my Child” – Drugs & Alcohol

  • Drugs & alcohol no longer discriminate between good students or bad.
  • The first step in prevention is education (odorless E-cigs, etc).
  • Parents must band together and work as a team to fully solve the problem.
  • Structure helps kids make positive decisions (bring back boundaries).
  • Our actions determine our children’s actions (drinking, losing temper, etc)
  • The ‘best kid’ will eventually succumb to peer pressure at parties.
  • Parents must be clear: kids must hear ‘they will never be alone’
  • Parents are legally liable if a kid overdoses at a party in their house.
  • The parent of 2018 must not expect kids to raise themselves – be present!



Lecture 2 – Communicating with the 2018 teen (part 1)

  • The 2018 teen is extremely confused: need boundaries and consistency.
  • Male & Female brains are different, but society says they are the same.
  • Boys & girls are using each others language & act similarly – creates confusion.
  • Girls now pressure, bully, & name call other girls to be physically intimate
  • When parents aren’t available, kids turn to their peers (“blind leading the blind”)
  • Shiddukh crisis because teens act, dress, and are physically intimate like adults (no rush)
  • Kids are angry today, and answer their parents back because they have no boundaries.
  • No shame in getting phones taken away – have other means (Whatsapp web, old phone)



Lecture 3 – Communicating with the 2018 teen (part 2)

  • There is no textbook teen, no textbook conversation, no ‘1 size fits all’ kid.
  • Encourage children to be who is right for them, not right for parents or society.
  • Transition from child’s “Manager” to teen’s “consultant” for advice & direction
  • The most important thing is patience, patience, & more patience
  • Learn & know (don’t assume). Find out why kids act up in certain situations.
  • To get our kids to keep their word, we must lead by example (no empty threats)
  • Try deferred punishment.  Wait 24 hours to see the child deliberate the mistake
  • Make them bigger.  Say “I know why you did this, but I wouldn’t expect this from you.”
  • “Walk the walk”: Use kids vernacular to get them to open up
  • Own up to mistakes – apologize for losing temper or a false accusation
  • Best way to get kids to talk: ask them to teach you something (e.g. phones)
  • Find the right time to talk: driving (no focus), late at night (after distractions)
  • No double standards at home (phone at dinner, binge drinking, etc)



monkimageThe MYC Chesed Committee is very excited to announce their first event of the year:                                                                      THE OHEL PURIM CARNIVAL!

Come enjoy a fun day with youth and adults with special needs. There will be free food, dancing, games and much more! Please join us on March 8th, from 12-4:30 pm, at 54 Steamboat Road. Organizations attending include members from HASC, Friendship Circle and Ohel. Make sure to wear a costume! Note: Adult supervision advised for children under 12.  A special thanks to our anonymous sponsor for the dedication in the memory of Ephraim ben Shmuel.

For more information, contact Jamie Karmely (516)776-3262, Rafi Livian (516)423-6738, Shelby Hakimian(516)647‑4280‬, or any other member of the MYC Chesed Committee.



MYC 2014 New Years Eve Party

Celebrate the New Year with the MYC at Señor Nacho Restaurant.

Dinner will be served as well as a “top shelf” open bar (must be 21+ to drink)

Music by – DJ Warren + Eman

Guys – $75
Gals – $65
($85 after Dec. 26)

Purchase your tickets now!

FULL NAME of Ticket Buyer(s)

Shaare Rachamim-Mikveh Moshe


It is with great pleasure that the Central Board  can announce the completion of  the purchase of 695 Middle Neck Road  consisting of Shaare Rachamim and Mikveh Moshe ,  on  Monday ,  September 30th.

The Central Board wishes to thank the community for its generous financial contribution which facilitated  ownership of this property  for  UMJCA , without  borrowing  any  funds  from  any  individuals or Institutions .  We further wish to thank all those whose help  with the logistics and closing issues    enabled  us to  complete this transaction in a relatively timely and smooth fashion .

Mikveh  Moshe is operating on its  regular hours .  However  since Shaare Rachamim requires some renovation and repairs , we will not be able to reopen  until this work is completed .  The   Central Board will do everything in its  power to expedite this but ,in the meantime, we would like to remind you  that if you have not paid your pledges, then please do so as soon as possible as these funds are needed for the renovation and the initial running costs.

Mazal tov to the whole community!

The Central Board of the UMJCA

Community Education Funding Breakdown

Hebrew School Scholarships – 61.4%
Talmud Torah – 20.90%
Shalom Pre-School (Security) – 9.3%
Youth Programs (Shabbat and Holidays) – 4.2%
Beth Midrash – 3.1%
Higher Education Committee – 1.2%

From a $407,110 allocation

Discover more of Israel on Google Maps Street View

Roughly one year ago, Google Maps added street view imagery of some important and popular sites in Israel. The panoramic imagery made it possible for people all over the world to view and feel like they were at these sites.

For those not familiar with Google Street View, It literally allows you to view locations from a street level perspective (as opposed to a traditional overhead map view).

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Today, Google expanded by adding a ton of new imagery from other sites.

We’ve added imagery from cities, towns and villages including Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva, Bnei Brak, Eilat, Isfyia, Kfar Qasem, Kiryat Gat, Nazareth, Netanya, Ofakim, Petah Tikva, Rishon LeTsiyon, Sderot, Tira, and many, many more. And stay tuned – we hope to expand coverage to still more of the region’s sites, streets, cities and towns in the future.

Make sure to read their entire blog post here for more information

View Larger Map


End the year right with the infamous, unstoppable MYC NEW YEARS CELEBRATION at The 420 North Restaurant & Lounge! We have put together a night that will blow your mind and set the stage for epic parties to come.

Tickets are now on sale for $70 through December 26. $85 at the door. For tickets and limited table reservations please contact:

Continue reading MYC PRESENTS LIGHTS OUT: NEW YEARS *2*0*1*3*

Shalom Week #47 – September 8, 2012 – Elul 21, 5772

Ki Tavo

September 8, 2012 – Elul 21, 5772

 Torah Portion of the Week

This week’s portion includes: Bringing to the Temple as an offering the first fruits of the Seven Species special to the Land of Israel, Declaration of tithes, the Almighty designating the Jewish people as His treasured people (Deut. 26:16 -19), the command to set up in the Jordan River and then on Mount Ebal large stones which had the Torah written upon them in 70 languages, the command to have a public ratification of the acceptance of the Law from Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal; the Torah then sets forth the blessings for following the Law and the curses for not following it, and concludes with Moshe’s final discourse. Verse 28:46 tells us the importance of serving the Almighty with “joy and a good heart.” The last verse of the portion instructs us “You shall fulfill the words of this covenant and do them so that you will succeed in all that you do!”

Torah Lesson of the Week

In this week’s Torah portion, the Almighty lists the many blessings that one receives for fulfilling the mitzvot, the commandments. Unlike other religions which promise reward in the World to Come, the Torah only speaks of this world rewards — blessings of food in your storehouse, peace from your enemies, healthy offspring.

The Torah goes further than listing the blessings, it states, “And it will come to you all of these blessings and they will reach you, when you listen to the voice of the Almighty, your God” (Deut. 28:2). If the Torah says “and it will come to you,” why does it add the seemingly extra words “and they will reach you”?

A person does not always realize what is truly good for him or her and mistakenly runs away from the blessing. Therefore, the Torah guarantees that the blessing will pursue the person and reach him even though he is trying to escape from it. Only after he receives the blessing will he become aware of what is really good for him.

This idea will save a person much suffering. When things happen that seem to be a negative occurrence, be patient before you make a final judgment. As one event leads to another you will frequently see before your eyes that what you thought was negative in the end turned out to be clearly positive! Be aware of occasions when this already happened to you in the past and then you will be able to internalize this awareness for the future!


“Can you explain the difference between creation theories such as “Darwin” and “Big Bang” versus the Torah explanation?”

Regarding the Darwin Theory which is based on the assumption that humans were first made of liquid then turned into a worm which transformed into an ape which evolved into human form. This theory is contrary to our Torah which states in ”Sefer Bereshit”:’ Va’Yivra ElOkim Et Ha’Adam B’ Tzalmo” “ So G-d created man in His image” Humans are different than animals and possess a soul which is a spark of the Almighty. We read also in Sefer Bereshit: “Va’YiPach B’Apov Et Nishmat Chaiim” meaning: And He blew into his nostrils the soul of life”

In the Midrash regarding “Olamot” (worlds), it is written: “Boreh Olamot U’Mecharivan” meaning that the Almighty “built worlds and destroyed them”. A great European Rabbi by the name of Rabbi Lifshitz has written a book of interpretation on Mishnayot. This book is called “Tiferet Yisrael”. In this book he writes that prior to our existing world which started more than 5770 years ago, Hashem built other worlds that were destroyed.

This creation and destruction process was repeated 4 times. Therefore, all the fossils and mummified remains found, belong to the previous worlds which were destroyed. Another opinion is that these fossils and mummies belong to era of the “Mabul”-the great flood at the time of Noah. I agree with “Rabbi Lifschitz’s” opinion. As you know the more times passes the more significant the differences between Man and animals become. Man is constantly evolving towards advanced development and completion whereas animals have not developed any civilized or spiritual development. This is good proof that the “Darwin Theory” is not correct.

New Time for Friday Night Minyan

From this week the minyan at Mr. & Mrs. Danny Zar’s house ( 6B Blue Sea Lane–off East Shore Rd) will be at 6.45pm and will be 15 minutes earlier every week till further notice .Everyone is invited to attend.

*Download the Shalom Week print version with extra content and Persian Translation

Shalom Week

As we are in the warm weather months, Women and teenaged young ladies are asked to respect and adhere to our Jewish traditions of appropriate dressing while attending Kanissa services. You are asked to please refrain from wearing sleeveless blouses and skirts of an inappropriate length. With your assistance, it is our goal to maintain a wholesome and proper atmosphere for all our families and children.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Central Board
Shaare Shalom Board
YMJC Board
Mashadi Sisterhood