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UMJCA Mashadi Directory is here !

Directory New

It is with great pleasure to announce the publication of the new UMJCA Mashadi Directory. The directory will be available for purchase starting this Sunday, by Mashadi Community members who are listed in the book, as we have a limited quantity. There will be a desk set up for the sale at Shaare Shalom from 10 to after the Allahdadi event, as well as being available at both Shaare Shalom and Ohr Esther offices, when they are open. The cost per copy is $10, payable by cash in person or $12 if to be mailed, payable by credit card (call UMJCA offices). The proceeds from the sale will go through the UMJCA treasury to cover costs and future development of directory.

The UMJCA is proud to honor Mr. Manucher Kashanian

Kashanian Manoucer

The  Honoring  Committee of  the  UMJCA is happy to honor one of the leaders of  our community , Mr. Manoucher Kashanian .  Mr. Kashanian has spent the greater part  of  40 years serving our community in Milan , and helping Mashadi community  members throughout the world . Please join us at Shaare Shalom on Shabbat morning , August 23rd, 2014, for this special ceremony . We encourage all to attend Kanissa on this  day to celebrate and Honor this great individual.




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The Issue of Alcohol in our Synagogues

In recent weeks, the Central Board has received several complaints regarding the excessive drinking that takes place in both synagogues on Shabbat.The complaints can be summarized as follows:

1)The drinking that was once confined to a few people in a small secluded area has now expanded so that it has become extremely visible involving a large number of people in open view.

2)Drinking starts early on in the morning

3)Some members leave during the Torah reading to start drinking and if they return, some of them are in no fit state to pray

4)Children are observing this behavior and will learn to imitate it.

5)We are increasing the alcohol dependence problems that some of our members unfortunately have.

The  Central  Board is  currently  contemplating  banning  alcohol  from  all of  our synagogues. While this decision is being carefully reviewed, we would like to hear your opinion on any other approaches that could  help our  community  bring  this serious issue under control.

Confidential comments and suggestions Email :

No Anonymous responses will be considered !

UMJCA Central Board