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2014 – 2016 MYC Election Results

We are pleased to announce the 2014 – 2016 MYC election results in alphabetical order:

Aaron Aziz
Carolina Aziz
Debbie Aziz
Michelle Bassaly
Shirley Carmili
Gab Etessami
Melyna Hadjibay
Shelby Hakimian
Daniel Kamali
Jamie Karmely
Jacob Namdar
Josh Namdar
Melanie Namdar
Igal Nassim
Jonathan Zar


  1. Nathan Kashizadeh
  2. Gabriel Kalaty
  3. Lior Kashimallak
  4. Benjamin Azizi
  5. Daniel Hakimian
  6. Talia Bassali
  7. Sandy Moheban

There were a total of 462 ballots, of which 5 were invalid. 457 ballots were valid.

2014 – 2016 UMJCA Sisterhood Election Results

We are pleased to announce the 2014 – 2016 UMJCA Sisterhood election results in alphabetical order:

Sharona Arjang (535 votes)
Harriet Bessaleli (568 votes)
Farnaz Edalati (604 votes)
Dalia Hakimian (908 votes)
Mojdeh Hakimian (638 votes)
Monica Hakimian (695 votes)
Raya Karmily (725 votes)
Esther Livi (646 votes)
Sandy Mordekhai (676 votes)
Sahar Nasrolahi (525 votes)
Janet Navaei-Livian (819 votes)
Shirin Rahmani (969 votes)
Arezou Tolou-Hakimian (910 votes)
Dina Zabihi (602 votes)
Mahtab Zar (915 votes)

By a slim margin, the alternates are:

  1. Ziva Davoodzadeh
  2. Dina Hakimian
  3. Sanam Ijadi
  4. Stacey Hackman
  5. Shiva Hakimian

There were a total of 1,209 ballots, of which 22 were invalid. 1,187 ballots were valid.

Sisterhood Referendum Results 2014

With 1,210 votes cast for the referendum, including 41 absentee ballots, 1,079 voters comprising of 89.2% of the total vote approved an amendment to the UMJCA by laws modifying the term of the Sisterhood to two years. There were 115 no votes and 16 abstentions. We will now be counting all votes cast for the Sisterhood election and the MYC election. Stay tuned!

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