2014 Election Results

2014 Central Board Election Results

On February 23rd, 2014, the Supervisory Council held a delayed election for the Central Board and the Synagogue Boards.

A total of 1,377 votes were cast of which 90 were cast via absentee ballots.  37 votes were disqualified.

The following are the results of the Central Board election in alphabetical order with the number of votes received by each candidate:

Aminoff Jonathan 640
Ebrani Mehrdad 643
Hakim Allen 755
Hakimi (Safioff) Behnam 749
Hakimian Khosrow 807
Hakimian Mehran 876
Hakimian Shahin (David) 653
Hezghia David 1088
Kalaty Ramin 911
Kamali Linda 879
Karimzadeh Mark 882
Karimzadeh Mojdeh 721
Kavakeb Sheila 713
Nassimi Simon 561
Yaghoutiel Hooman 828
1st female alternate:
Hakimian Nancy 689
Namdar Sammy 524
Ghassabian Simon 517
Mordechai Yahonathan 459
Zar Payam 445

As per the UMJCA by laws, only 3 women may serve on the Central Board.  All four female candidates received enough votes to be within the 15 elected members.    However, due to the by laws restriction, the fourth woman becomes the first female alternate member of the Central Board.


2014 Shaare Tova Election Results

There were 17 votes cast for the Shaare Tova election of which 1 was disqualified.    Since there were exactly 15 candidates, all 15 members were elected, as listed in the following alphabetical order:

Mikel Banilevi

Behrouz Enayatian

Abdolrahim Etessami

Amir Hadjibay

Behrouz Hakimian

Simone Kamali

Gideon Levy

Farmarz Liviem

Shahrokh Liviem

Jacob Namdar

Daniel Nassimi

Mike Mehdi Nassimi

Mouris Nassimi

Ezzatollah Zabih

Jamshid Zar

Shaare Shalom and Ohr Esther

The Supervisory Council has sealed the votes for the Synagogue Boards of Shaare Shalom and Ohr Esther and will count them and report them tomorrow night.